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Hello! My name is Samantha - I'm a wife and mother and am deeply passionate about supporting women through the transformative experience of birth. My desire is to encourage women to approach birth from an empowered perspective. I want to normalize birth in all of its fullness and thus I take a very holistic approach when working with my clients. As a Christian, I believe birth is designed to be enriching to all parts of a woman's being, body, soul and spirit, and should be embraced for the natural and healthful process that it is. I feel honored to serve my clients and their partners in this process and endeavor to hold space for their personal birth goals to unfold in an uninhibited and peaceful way. I am in awe of what our bodies are designed to do. Birth is powerful and each one is beautifully unique. My goal as a doula is to help each mother prepare for and create the birth that her heart desires. It is possible!



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Prenatal Visits

Building a relationship with my clients is my top priority. It is important that there is a sense of safety and trust built prior to delivery day. I offer three in-person prenatal visits at 30 weeks, 35 weeks and 38 weeks. These meetings typically last about 1 hour. During these visits, we will talk all things birth plan, birth prep and day-of logistics. I consider myself "on-call" from 37 weeks through delivery and make myself available via phone, text or email at any time during that period. 

** If additional prenatal visits are needed, I offer these at $25/hour. 

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Birthing Support

From the early stages of labor through immediate postpartum with mom and baby settled into bed, I provide continual physical, emotional and informational support to mom and her chosen birth team. My desire is to help create and safeguard a space where mom feels safe and at ease. I encourage the limiting of distractions of any kind and work with my clients well ahead of time to have a birth plan that honors their personal goals and desires as well as helps me understand how to best serve them. I will offer physical support that includes helpful suggestions on labor positions and discomfort management techniques. I will help set up an environment that is relaxing and peaceful according to mom's specific desires and will be constantly attentive to the changing needs of mom. The goal is to prioritize the needs and wants of mom and to keep her completely supported physically, mentally and emotionally for the duration of the birth.


Postpartum Support

Postpartum is simply an extension of the birthing process. I stay in close contact with my clients in the first week of postpartum, often checking in to make sure things are going smoothly and offer support and suggestions for any questions that arise. In addition, I will make one in-person visit to my client's home within that first week to help with anything needed and give space to mom to go over the birth with me - asking any questions and discussing the details. I will also provide some nursing support as needed and refer clients out for any in-depth needs that arise with nursing or otherwise. 

** If additional postpartum visits are needed, I offer these for $25/hour. 


"Just as a woman's heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale and her hand to pull back from the fire, so she knows when and how to give birth."

~ Virginia Di Orio

  • 3 In-Person Prenatal Visits

  • Continual Labor and Delivery support

  • 2 hours of immediate Postpartum support

  • An In-Person Postpartum visit within 1 week of delivery 


"Made for this job! She has made me feel relaxed, educated, in control and prepared every step of the way..."


Samantha is professional and knowledgeable and I’m so blessed God brought us two together...


Samantha truly goes above and beyond for her clients. You can tell she really loves doing this...and she was meant for it...


Cell- (206) 883-8766

Federal Way, WA, USA


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